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Q: What is DVR?
A: DVR is a term used to describe Digital Video Recording. Unlike analog equipment, like a tape recorder, VCR, or Time Lapse Recorder, DVR is pure digital, providing the highest quality surveillance video available.

Q: What is Hardware Compression & how does it compare to Software Compression?
A: In simple terms, “compression” is the method of how video files are stored and accessed. The majority of DVR products & systems use software based compression. Hardware compression offers faster data speeds, smaller file sizes and superior picture quality for video playback.
Q: Who are some of your clients?
A: Our Clients include various developers such as Forrest City Ratner. We continuously work with management companies throughout the Tri-State area. MetroCom has worked on countless projects with Diebold. We are currently working with U.S. Army contractors on projects overseas. Our flagship projects include Pennsylvania City Hall, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Fordham University and an array of famous celebrities. Other industries include universities, police departments, convenient stores, manufacturers, retailers, warehouses, restaurants and more.

Q: What is the difference between Economy and Professional DVR products?
A: Two words: Performance and Reliability.
There are huge differences between economy and professional products. Differences include: the way products are manufactured, how the software is written, what components are used, and who designs the products. Economy products are typically mass produced and made out of the country.
Our Professional DVR products are engineered in the United States. These are designed for average users, while offering advanced software functions for experienced users. Navigating through the software is easy. Retrieving stored video from the playback area is effortless. If your security application requires performance and reliability, then our Professional line of DVR products are recommended.
Q: How do your DVR Cards compare to other cards?
A: Purchasing a low priced DVR card from another company may appear like a good deal, but not all PCI cards are created equal. Some competitors used false and misleading performance claims indicating their products were high speed, when in fact they were not. There were reports of slow video speeds, blurry images, poor playback features, insufficient data storage and frequent system crashes, with competitive products that cost less. We sell only professional grade DVR products.
Beware of “fly-by-night” web sites selling low priced DVR products claiming to be “professionally rated”. These types of web sites may not be legitimate businesses or have the capabilities of providing experienced technical support for troubleshooting.
Q: How do your DVR Systems compare to other systems?
A: Low cost DVR systems might seem attractive, but you may get more than you bargained for. There also were reports of system freezing, unresponsive software functions, lost recorded video and hardware failure, from competitors offering discounted computer systems.
Our DVR systems are built with name brand computer hardware only. These include Asus and Intel Motherboards, Intel CPU’s, IBM and Western Digital hard drives, ATI video cards, with other high quality, name brand components. We sell only professional grade DVR equipment for those who expect performance and reliability from their security system.
Q: How do we know if competitive web sites really are the “biggest importers” or “manufacturer’s representatives” for DVR products?
A: If competitor claims cannot be verified, then statements are probably false. These types of sites are typically retailers. More than likely, they may not have the resources to provide adequate support after the purchase.

Q: What is a key distinction between your DVR products and competitive products?
A: The most important and critical function of any DVR system is the Video Playback Area. This is 98% of your physical contact with the system. The majority of competitive DVR products sold today share a similar weakness when it comes to video playback. Competitive products store the recorded video in 5 to 10 minute blocks of time. As thefts or events can occur in less than one minute, the time between each “image box” typically does not get recorded. This means, the DVR system may lose valuable data by not recording video between each stored block of time. Moreover, trying to backup footage beyond 10 minutes typically requires additional steps to operate.
Our DVR products use a more conventional approach to video storage. Locating recorded video for playback is fast and simple. Blocks of time are eliminated, and archived video footage is continuous. Backing up has never been easier. We deliver only functional solutions to meet your security needs.
Q: Can additional DVR cards be used to upgrade more cameras later?
A: Yes and No. Lower end DVR products were developed to “just install” additional cards as more cameras were needed. This type of “upgradeable” product uses the computer system to process video and not the strength of the card. This forces the computer to operate at higher speeds and eventually run out of resources. The net result is instability and system crashes.
Professional DVR products use the power of the card to process video and not the computer system. While resource consumption is low, the net result is superior stability.
Q: What is the difference between video compression methods?
A: There are two elements when it comes to video compression. The first is picture quality, and the second is file size.

Q: Do you offer cash register support or point of sale (POS) integration?
A: Yes. An optional data interface is available to link our DVR products to most cash registers. The net result is the ability to watch recorded video with actual register transactions from the DVR playback.
Q: What are the benefits of having a DVR system?
A: DVR can take the place of a security monitor, motion sensors, time lapse recorder, quad processor, and accessories. Digitally record all video, and login remotely to see your cameras.
Q: Does it use videotapes?
A: This is a digital system and eliminates the use of videotapes. If you are currently spending $50 to $75 a month on videotapes, for about the same price can lease a new DVR system.
Q: Is your site secure?
A: Absolutely! Our secure server software (SSL) is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.
Q: What kind of video cameras can I use?
A: We carry a large selection of cameras. Call our sales office and speak to a representative about what’s best for your installation.

Q: What is your product warranty?
A: All purchases are warranted up to 1 full year after the date of sale. We will gladly exchange any non-functional or non-working item for the same item purchased. Afterwards there is and optional full labor and service contract. Contact our sales office at 866-470-2244 for assistance.
Q: What are your payment options?
A: We accept all major credit cards, telephone orders, fax orders, cashiers checks, money orders and company checks. Please make checks payable to MetroCom Security, Inc.
Q: Is technical support available?
A: Yes. We offer free product support with all purchases and 24 hour web support.

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