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Low Voltage Custom Construction

Multi-Zone Audio
Multi-Zone Audio is an audio system that allows for the distribution of music to multiple rooms. You can listen to your iPod in every room, or have your playlist on in the Kitchen, while the kids have theirs playing by the pool. Today’s audio distribution systems are designed to deliver superior audio performance throughout your home with interactive keypads that are very user friendly. The audio control keypads can be as simple as a volume control for your patio BBQ to a full-color LCD touch panel. They can be used to control not only audio/video components but also integrate systems such as lighting, temperature, doorbells, intercoms and security.

Home Automation Features

Temperature- A home automation system can integrate your heating and cooling controls into one simple remote control.
Security-A security breach can trigger all of the lights in your home to turn on, full strength which will deter even the boldest intruder.
Movies-With the touch of a button, the lights dim and the movie begins.
We will work with you to design a custom system that suits the needs and lifestyle of your family.

Lighting Control
You can have the added security of never having to walk into a dark home, by turning on your lights as you pull in the driveway. Lighting control offers security, saves time and can also save you money. Our low voltage service will work with you to integrate a system that will accomplish all of your goals.

Home Theater
Our design team will evaluate your needs, budget and desires and design a system that will maximize your home viewing experience. Control with the touch of a single button, and no clutter is what we strive for.

Structured Wiring
Structured wiring is the backbone of every system in your home. It drives the audio, video, security and home automation throughout the home. We can help you plan for a home equipped with cat 6 wiring, broadband coaxial cable, and fiber-optic cabling to take advantage of whatever technology has to offer you today and the benefits it will bring tomorrow.

Doorbell Systems and Intercoms
Today’s system can be as simple as when a visitor presses the button, the intercom rings your telephone with a distinctive ring to alert you. More advanced residential intercom systems can be integrated into a PBX or audio system and when combined with a miniaturized camera allows you to view your visitor while talking to them through your telephone.

Central Vacuum Systems
According to the EPA, regular cleaning with a central vacuum system that is vented to the outside can reduce allergy-causing agents and rid your home of biological contaminants such as dust, bacteria and pollens. The quality of the product is such that all installed units come with a lifetime warranty on the motor. The unit is virtually maintenance free. Simply empty the 5-gallon container when necessary (about 2 – 3 times per year) and this vacuum system will last a lifetime. There are numerous attachments, features and tool kits available to further add to the value of this product to your home and lifestyle.

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